Elementary is only getting better each week. The last episode I saw, Sherlock and Watson investigated a case mostly on their own (only using one detective until the end). Elementary stars Sherlock and WatsonSherlock’s old “friend” came to see him. But we find out that this was his old drug dealing friend, who throughout the episode was taunting him with drugs. Sherlock remained steady and didn’t cave in. I really respect him for this. The drug dealer’s daughter had been kidnapped for a great deal of money, which he doesn’t have. After trying to find her and not having much luck, Sherlock goes above and beyond by getting a loan from his father. The drug dealer really tries to push coke on him because he thinks Sherlock was a better detective when he was stoned. Is that an old word, stoned? After the kidnapper end up shooting the drug guy and Watson slugs him and takes his gun, they of course find the daughter and all ends up well.

Why did I find this such a great episode? They delved more into Sherlock’s character and really showed his struggle against drugs. He not only didn’t take the drugs, but he also went to an AA meeting. Watson gave her all by not being afraid to act and was able to disarm a rogue undercover agent that went in the wrong direction of being the bad guy. Sherlock had a really difficult time putting this case together and Watson was the one that saved the day. Was Sherlock derailed from his normal sense of being able to solve any problem by the thought of taking drugs again? Even though the story did have the same idea of a bad situation being resolved in one episode, I liked that they showed more about the characters than we knew before. That is really what makes these one hour crime dramas differ from each other, just the characters and how they are developed. Do we get to know their personalities and histories? Do they have relationships with each other that evolve more each show? This makes you come back for more.