A Quick End to Grey’s Anatomy

Just a quick word to sign off for this podcast.  Please go to our This Week on TV podcast to listen to our Grey’s Anatomy weekly updates and comments. Thanks for listening! Kate

Grey’s is Grey

Cast of Grey's Anatomy

No question about it this time.  Grey’s Anatomy is grey.  Mark and I were joined in this week’s podcast by our guest host, Monica.  None of us liked this week’s episode from March 28, 2013.  Monica gave it a 4 out of 10, which I ultimately agreed with.  She felt like there was just too

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Grey’s Anatomy – It’s a Boy!

Meredith pregnant

Well we find out that it is a boy that Meredith will give birth to in the March 21,2013 episode.  Did anyone really care?  Why are they dragging this out?  They have a really expensive X-ray machine that Mark saw the name of and thinks it was just advertising time as to why they gave

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Grey’s Anatomy Back to Old Times?

Cast of Grey's Anatomy

Hey, we finally get a new episode of Grey’s!  And to top it off, it looks like we might be out of the woods with the buy me a hospital fiasco.  Do you think they really could have wrapped it up with the hospital being in trouble and no ER and basically no romance or

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Grey’s Anatomy

Avery from Grey's Anatomy

The hospital is finally sold (or bought?).  Thank goodness.  Did anyone out there care about the hospital?  How many episodes did they spend on the hospital problem?  It may be a realistic scenario in today’s economy, where hospitals are having money problems and mergers happen on a daily basis.  I just hope they can finally

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Grey’s Anatomy – A Wet Dream

April surprise

The episode from Thursday, Feb. 14th had us wondering if we should continue watching this series.  First they have a plane crash and kill off major characters and their limbs, then they try to kill the hospital.  Is this boring you? The rain was consistent throughout the entire episode, setting the mood.  The main doctors

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Grey’s Anatomy Podcast – Who Wants to Buy a Hospital?

Grey's Anatomy Surgery

It looks like the airplane disaster doctors are going to be buying the hospital.  Callie and the old chief spent the episode from Feb 7, 2013 going to a hospital owned by the company that was being bought by Seattle Grace.  They pretended the chief was sick and found out that the doctor that helped

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Grey’s Anatomy Podcast – Is Grey’s turning Grey?

Meredith on Grey's Anatomy

This is the first episode of our new podcast just for Grey’s Anatomy.  We will be discussing the new episodes going forward and sometimes how they relate to previous episodes.  We started with discussing January 17th and 24th, 2013 as our first two shows. Meredith and Derek are having a baby.  Ho hum.  What’s new

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