What is Downton Abbey About?

Downton Abbey Season 3

Oh, the last episode of the third season.  You could say it was jammed packed.  I did have a spoiler about Matthew’s death before it happened, but it was nail biting to wait through the episode, not knowing when it was coming.  We had a guest host this week – Monica, one of our long

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Downton Abbey – The Gay Life

Thomas and Jimmy

This was a long two hour episode from February 10, 2013.  The best part was the Thomas story line.  After O’Brien bates him by saying that Jimmy really liked him, Thomas decides to take a chance and go into Jim’s room unannounced.  He bent over to kiss him as Jim was asleep and he woke

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Downton Abbey Podcast – Lady Sybil is Really Gone

Sybil Crawley Branson of Downton Abbey wearing a summer outfit and hat.

Back for our second episode, Mark and I are continuing our take on Downton Abbey.  Sybil is the main constant throughout.  Her funeral is just touched on as you see their cars traveling from the burial and mostly everyone wearing sad faces.  Black is worn by all, until right at the end when we see Robert

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Downton Abbey Podcast – Kill Zone

Downton Abbey Stars

This is the premier episode of the Downton Abbey podcast with Kate and Mark.  (Spoiler alert) Third season of Downton already and it is a doozy.  Why did they kill off poor, poor Sybil?  Her baby is still alive to be brought up by either servants, or her husband, who is wanted in Ireland for

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