Mad Men’s Dick Coming Alive

Jon Hamm

Sorry for the bad title, but Jon Hamm and Don were having Dick problems this past week and in more ways than one.  His  past came up to haunt him from the whore house he lived in and his dick came to haunt him from his tight pants.  Such problems, what can you do? Mad

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Grey’s Anatomy Back in the Saddle

As a quick opening note, we are reorganizing and have incorporated Grey’s Anatomy into this podcast.  This week aftersome unpleasant remarks by Mark to which the picture in this post ring true and a dog story, we dive right into Grey’s Anatomy.  It was so much better this week that Mark and I could not

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10 Sexiest Men/Women in TV this Season

This week we are talking about numerous things including the upcoming season of Mad Men and what is going on with all our shows from this past week.  But our major focus is the 10 Sexiest Men/Women in TV this Season.  I have listed all 10 men and women with their pictures here.  We discuss our

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Nielsen’s Top 10 TV Shows

Tom Selleck from Blue Bloods

This week we discussed Nielsen’s Top 10 TV Shows: 1.  NCIS 2.  Big Bang Theory 3.  NCIS:LA 4.  Person of Interest 5.  Two and a Half Men 6.  American Idol 7.  American Idol 8.  60 Minutes 9.  American Idol 10.  Blue Bloods I tried NCIS of both kinds this past week.  Both were just so

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9 Plus Scenes from TV Shows this week that you should not have missed

Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertrinelli, Mackenzie Phillips

Ok, so it is a long title, but it kind of works.  This week’s podcast has 9 plus scenes that were can’t miss viewing.  If you didn’t get to see these episodes, get to your computer and start viewing them now (and pay for HBO if you can afford it). 1. Girls, HBO.  It hasn’t

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10 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Love it or List it

I made a top ten list for this week’s podcast.  Here is the list and the networks they are shown on.  The channel will be dependent on where you live. The list is not in order of the best show on the top. Suits – USA Smash – NBC Nashville – ABC Dallas – TNT

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This Week With Kate Podcast – Smash, The Following, Vine and Samsung

Most of our time this week was spent on discussing the comeback of the show Smash.  We both love it.  If you haven’t seen it, it is somewhat like a grownup version of Glee, only better written and acted.  Ivy and Karen, the main two characters were both featured in this two hour premiere.  

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Episode 26 – Not so hot in Las Vegas

This week we talked about our Las Vegas travels.  We stayed at the New York, New York hotel and casino and I highly recommend staying there. Unfortunately Mark got the flu and ended up being sick for three weeks.  We think this was from someone traveling on the same plane that we were, since we

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Episode 25 – Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Butter, Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Iphone

Young Interns on Grey's Anatomy

Another podcast for you to agree or disagree with me and Mark talking about our favorite subjects.  I was again disappointed in Grey’s this past week. Mark still likes it, but those interns are really getting on my nerves, especially those two women fighting over surgeries.  I want the old people back!  We talked about

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Episode 24 – Grey’s Anatomy, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Skyfall

Note II phone

New podcast here for this week right before Thanksgiving, although you may been listening to it at a different time.  We discussed Skyfall a newJames Bond movie, another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a ptablet – as they are calling it. The Bond movie was great as usual.  I love

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