Another podcast for you to agree or disagree with me and Mark talking about our favorite subjects.  I was again disappointed in Grey’s this past week. Mark still likes it, but those interns are really getting on myinterns nerves, especially those two women fighting over surgeries.  I want the old people back!  We talked about Glee and how they had the new people in this year also and even though Grey’s does a better job of it, the old people are so much better in both series.

Butter is a movie that is still supposed to be in the theater (even though I saw it on my tv screen).  It was just ok, I gave it a B-.  It was a cutesy tale about a butter cutting contest.

Then we discussed (yes again) our phone situation with the Galaxy Note II vs our old Iphones.  We’ve been really frustrated with the new phones, but we aren’t giving up yet.  Listen to our conversation as we go back and forth and around with the goods and the bads.