New podcast here for this week right before Thanksgiving, although you may been listening to it at a different time.  We discussed Skyfall a newJames Bond movie, another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a ptablet – as they are calling it.

The Bond movie was great as usual.  I love Bond movies.  A lot of action, car chases and guns blaring their bullets.  I highly recommend it.

Grey’s Anatomy was good, not great. Nothing that great happened, it seems sometimes as if the story lines are written just to move things along.  Christina needs to get a divorce already.  She did move into Meredith’s house – but can’t she buy her own?

We had a car incident happen and you’ll just have to listen to find out what happened and Best Buy is getting on my nerves.

Goodbye Iphone 5, hello Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Great phone.  Listen as we discuss the features we have found so far that we like.