This week we are talking about numerous things including the upcoming season of Mad Men and what is going on with all our shows from this past week.  But our major focus is the 10 Sexiest Men/Women in TV this Season.  I have listed all 10 men and women with their pictures here.  We discuss our thoughts about this subject and pick our favorites.  What do you think?  Write me a comment or take a poll at the end of this post.



1. Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarett in Hawaii 5-0 Alex O'Loughlin
2. Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle in Castle Castle
3. Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy jesse
4. Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy Derek_Shepherd
5. Guillermo Díaz as Huck in Scandal diaz
6. Mark Harmon as Jethro Gibbs in NCIS markharmon
7. James Caviezel as John Reese in Person of Interest jamescaviezel
8. Nicholas Wechsler as Jack Porter in Revenge Wechsler
9. Nikolaj Coster Waldau as Ser Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones Nikolaj Waldau
10. Jon Hamm as Don draper in Mad Men jon_hamm
1. Laurie Holden as Andrea in The Walking Dead lauren_holden
2. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal Kerry_Washington
3. Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentis in Pretty Little Liars SashaPieterse
4. Lena Heady as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones lenaheadey
5. Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes in Nashville hayden
6. Sarah Drew as April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy sarahdrew
7. Elisabeth Shue as Julie Finlay in CSI elisabethshue
8. Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie EdieFalco
9. Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath in Girls lena
10. Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma in Good Wife archie