As a quick opening note, we are reorganizing and have incorporated Grey’s Anatomy into this podcast.  This week afterchristinasome unpleasant remarks by Mark to which the picture in this post ring true and a dog story, we dive right into Grey’s Anatomy.  It was so much better this week that Mark and I could not believe it.  We both gave it an eight.  Christina and Meredith had a nice talk about motherhood.  Christina and Owen both had feelings about fatherhood.  A great story started about Bailey with a Lord of the Flies feeling.  It seems like all of the doctors were turning on Bailey when a rash of horrible infections turn up and she seems to be the only connection.

We also talk about The Middle, Monday Mornings, and Scandal.  Scandal is my pick of the week for best show.  Please start watching this (from the beginning) if you already aren’t.  It is such a great show.

Also, stay tuned for our new tech podcast.