I made a top ten list for this week’s podcast.  Here is the list and the networks they are shown on.  The channel will be dependent on where Love it or List ityou live. The list is not in order of the best show on the top.

  1. Suits – USA
  2. Smash – NBC
  3. Nashville – ABC
  4. Dallas – TNT
  5. Elementary – CBS
  6. CBS NEWS Sunday Morning – CBS
  7. Love it or List it – HGTV
  8. Monday Mornings – TNT
  9. Joan & Melissa – WE
  10. Enlightened – HBO

We talked about each show and what you would like about it.  We tried to rate it with a 1-10 score.  All of them are worth trying if you never have.  Some might be on Hulu or the website for that show if you want to catch them from the beginning, which make it much better.  If you’ve seen any of these, let us know what your opinion is on them, we’d love to hear from you.