Girls at Loose Ends

Hannah from HBO show Girls

I don’t even know what to say.  Tears were running down my face.  They just came out by themselves in a long stream and I couldn’t stop them.  What a great show this was.  I could say that I wish all of the episodes were this good, but maybe everything had to lead up to this. Hannah

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Everyone Loves a Scandal

Scandal's Olivia Pope

This past week I just started watching the TV show Scandal. This is the best show on television and it isn’t on the Nielsen top ten list for some crazy reason.  I have been watching the episodes, one after the other, wasting hours of time that I could be doing something worthwhile.  But no.  At

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Girls, as Naked as They Can Get

Girls from the HBO show

What the heck is this with the OCD?  After all of these episodes of Hannah being perfectly normal, she turns into a nut job?  The past two episodes of Girls were a lot better than all of the other ones for this season so far.  More real.  I saw Lena Dunham in an interview where

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Castle vs Mentalist Part Two

Jane and Lisbon

Starting off with Castle, the past two episodes were just fabulous, you can read more here, where I go into what happened in more detail.  But do you think this will last?  Can we have these one hour shows with twists every time, so that we really don’t know for sure who actually did the

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Castle vs James Brolin

James Brolin

These past two week’s episodes were excellent and I never say that lightly.  There were good twists and an unusual story line.  A young woman was kidnapped after going to an event.  Castle and Kate (good name) are off to find out who did this when Castle finds out that his daughter has also been

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Elementary Genome

Sherlock Stars

This past week’s episode, which I believe aired on February 21, 2013 here in the US, had a lot to do with genetics and a disease that was rare, but always inherited from your family.  A lot of the scientific talk went rushing by me as I was trying to understand it.  The best parts

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Sherlock propositions Watson

Sherlock and Watson contemplating each other

In the Elementary episode from February 14, 2013 Detective Bell gets shot at while in his car.  It was an exciting opening, but this detectives series is usually different from the “a dead body is found” scenario norm.  The bad guy that is the most likely suspect to have shot up the car is found

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Elementary and the Drug King

Elementary stars Sherlock and Watson

Elementary is only getting better each week. The last episode I saw, Sherlock and Watson investigated a case mostly on their own (only using one detective until the end). Sherlock’s old “friend” came to see him. But we find out that this was his old drug dealing friend, who throughout the episode was taunting him

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Nashville me – while you stab me in my back!

Nashville actresses who play Rayna and Juliette

The relatively new TV show, Nashville is a keeper in my Tivo.  While it did take a little while to get me to like it, now I wouldn’t want to miss a week.  The main show centers around two female country singing divas.  One is approximately forty years old and the other around twenty-five.  Don’t

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Moriarity – the Devil Awakens

Moriarity or not?

This past week’s television show Elementary was by far the best of the series so far.  It aired on 1/10/13 and was named M.  I have liked this series from the beginning, but this episode had teeth.  Please don’t read any further if you are behind in watching the series (you can read my other

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