This was a long two hour episode from February 10, 2013.  The best part was the Thomas story line.  After O’Brien bates him by saying thatThomas and Jimmy Jimmy really liked him, Thomas decides to take a chance and go into Jim’s room unannounced.  He bent over to kiss him as Jim was asleep and he woke up horrified just as Alfred walked in.  The story goes back and forth with first Jim saying he was going to tell the police and then Alfred actually doing it.  Bates gets involved because he feels sorry for Thomas and doesn’t want him to go to jail.  Thomas and Bates team up to blackmail O’Brien, so she finally makes Jimmy back off from telling the police.  Then Robert gets involved and makes Alfred back off also.  In the end, Thomas still works for the family and everyone is back to normal.

Mary has a small operation so that she can have a baby.  Tom decides to stay with the family and become a manager of the estate along with Matthew.  Robert finally bonds with Tom and gives him a little respect.

Next week should wrap up the season and bring unexpected news to the family.