Oh, the last episode of the third season.  You could say it was jammed packed.  I did have a spoiler about Matthew’s death before it happened,Downton Abbey Season 3 but it was nail biting to wait through the episode, not knowing when it was coming.  We had a guest host this week – Monica, one of our long time listeners.  She came into our studio and helped us decipher the intricacies of the episode.

A year has passed since the last episode.  Most of the main family and servants, with one notable exception being Daisy, had some kind of story line in this show.  Mary finally had her baby and Matthew saw and held the boy before he died in a car accident at the end.  Thomas and Jimmy became friends after Thomas was beaten up by some thugs  -to save Jimmy.  Edith was romanced by Michael, the paper’s editor, even though he is married.  Rose a new character, a family relative, comes to live at Downton.  Tom is still grieving for Sybil, but fends off a maid that wants to get him for a husband with Mrs. Hughes help.  Mrs. Patmore almost gets married, but is saved from a bad marriage, again with Mrs. Hughes help.  Isobel Crawley (Matthew’s mom) almost gets a proposal from the good doctor, but kindly pushes him away before he asks.

Listen to the podcast to hear our predictions for season four and our thoughts about this episode.

Guest Host Monica

Guest Host Monica

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