Grey's Anatomy SurgeryIt looks like the airplane disaster doctors are going to be buying the hospital.  Callie and the old chief spent the episode from Feb 7, 2013 going to a hospital owned by the company that was being bought by Seattle Grace.  They pretended the chief was sick and found out that the doctor that helped them would only spend fifteen minutes trying to figure out his problem.  The doctor also read from a script to ask them questions about what was wrong.  It was pretty funny when the program he was using on a computer pad rebooted and he had to start over.  The other doctors in the hospital were not happy working there.

April started to date the guy that fell for her from the ambulance service.  Since she really missed working in the ER, she went along with him to an accident scene and ended up bringing back a victim to Seattle Grace.  She felt that this kid wouldn’t make it unless she got him help immediately.  They snuck him into the old ER and eventually most of the doctors ended up working on him and saved his life.  It really showed teamwork among the doctors and was a really good part of the episode.

The doctors from Seattle Grace ended up pushed against a wall, with all of the changes that were about to happen to the hospital.  Right at the end of the show, Callie gets them together and tells them that they have to buy the hospital.

Mark and I talked about Owen and Christina.  He likes them together, but I don’t.  I would like the writers to try her with someone else.  We both liked Karev and the almost pairing of him with the intern, Jo.  Jackson’s relationship with the other intern, Stephanie, is just so so relationship-wise.  Where is the romance, as April said.  The writers are just throwing couples together and then they have sex.

All in all, it was a better episode than usual and we are both hoping that they get done with this hospital selling story line.  Maybe by the next episode they will get back to surgeries and romance.