The relatively new TV show, Nashville is a keeper in my Tivo.  While it did take a little while to get me to like it, now I wouldn’t want to miss a week.  The main show centers aroundnashville two female country singing divas.  One is approximately forty years old and the other around twenty-five.  Don’t worry if you don’t like country singing, you will still enjoy this weekly drama, although it does help if you like the tunes.  I never liked country music, but it isn’t something I hate and I have definitely enjoyed most of the music I have been hearing every week.  The only thing that seems very annoying is the background music.  It is some kind of guitar and it just sounds off-key to me. (If you know what this is or like it, please comment below to let me know what you think.)

The best thing about the show is the story line, which is the most important thing of course.  Back-stabbing at its finest, rude comments, alcoholics, and affairs – what more could you want?  If they can fit it into this show, they will.  The main character, Rayna is a middle-aged country singer who starts to have a hard time selling out her concerts after years of fame.  She has been her family’s main bread winner and they need money to continue in the life-style they are used to.  Her record company suggests she get together with a young up-and-coming star, Juliette.  Neither of these two very strong women want to get together, but they are convinced after a while, as Juliette also needs a bounce up from her cheating, stealing, slutty ways.  One of the love triangles is with a guitar player named Deacon and both women of course slept with him.  I mostly love Deacon, but he is really an idiot.  I have screamed at the screen many times already – “Why are you sleeping with that slut Juliette when you know you love Rayna???”  Rayna of course is married to Teddy, who just became mayor.

If you think you can’t get into this after all this time, it is worth trying.  You can, after all, usually get the old episodes on or  I highly recommend this show and you may even find yourself liking country music.