I am a handbag connoisseur if that is what you can call it, but at least a collector.  I don’t know how many bags I’ve had over my lifetime, but right now in my closet I’m sure I have at least 50.  It is hard, coachbecause everywhere you go women are carrying them and there are more to look at.  At one point, I got started with Coach (and I also have a few of their watches).  I do use the same handbags more than one time, but rarely.  I don’t know how often I change them, but it is more than once a year.  Recently I have been in the mood for Crossbody bags.  This is the kind where it has a very long strap that you put over the opposite shoulder in order to cross your body.  I never used to like these, but after being in New York City and having to carry a short strapped bag that was heavy, I decided to try it and now I love them.  It took me a very long time to find one that I liked.  A lot of bags didn’t have thick straps and of course it had to be leather.  I wanted to buy a Coach bag because they are nice and are quality bags but especially because they give me a 25% off coupon.  I don’t know when these coupons started but it was quite a few years ago.  They used to send them in the mail about once a year.  But this past year I have been getting one a month and now they come in my email.  The coupons only last three days but are very hard to resist, but how many very expensive bags can one person buy?  I finally found a very nice Crossbody bag which was a Fossil bag.  I really like it and had been using it about two weeks when I got my coupon in my email.  I do have another obsession which is wristwatches.  I’m not sure which is worse.  Since I just got a bag and didn’t want to buy another expensive Coach one, I decided what harm could it do to go to the Coach store and just take a quick look around, especially with the holidays coming up.  Maybe I could buy a gift for someone else.  Who knew they now had so many different kinds of things in that store.  Unfortunately I left the store with a winter coat, leather gloves and a very expensive watch (all of which I didn’t need) – but I did have a coupon.  This is just a very expensive warning to those of you who get this coupon to beware and not to go into their store thinking the only have pocketbooks.  And to men – you should beware also – they now have a very nice line of men’s bags.