It could happen in the middle of the day or anytime. Some people are probably like this all the time, a true bitch. I can physically feel it taking over my body. It twists your mouth down at the corners. Your shoulders slump. You don’t really want to get up off that chair, because if you do you are likely to throw something across the room. If someone dares to talk to you, a few zingers will come out of your mouth. You feel mad at the world. I’m sure a lot of people have a good reason for this, but I am talking about when there is no reason, you just feel it under the skin, like sun tan oil that went too far into the pores and keeps pushing to get back out where it is supposed to be but can’t and is very annoyed.

Ok, so you’ve been to this crappy place in your life I am describing. What do you do about it? How do you get back to your normal attitude, which I am assuming is somewhat normal (whatever that is). I’ve thought about watching Three Stooges movies, listening to quiet music or meditating. Everyone probably has their own medicine for this, but what really has worked for me is going to a different place physically than you are right now, as far away as possible from where you were when the bitch entered your body. As you are walking view this alter ego slipping out and the old you slipping in.

I wish I knew how she gets in my body in the first place, but the sooner I can push her out, the better off I am. I don’t want the hungry lady or shopping maven to start up in her place though, you do need to be careful. Just go for a walk to get Miss Normalcy.