So I’ve been using this Mac since I got it and sold my Mac Pro.  I love it except for the few small glitches (which I’ve mentioned in a previous post).  But, and it is a pretty big but, the keyboard is driving me crazy.  It is fine to type on but and here is the only but, it gets hot.  From the first time you turn it on and start to type it starts to get warmer and warmer and then hot.  It may not bother everyone, but I have some problems with my fingers and heat, so it was not a good thing for this writer to have a keyboard that gets hot.  I called up Apple support, which I love because they are really so attentive.  I knew this was not just my Mac.  I found other people talking about it on the internet.  When I called Apple, the person I was speaking to, Lucas, said he never heard of this.  He asked me if it was on fire or the keys were melting.  Uh, no, Lucas, just too hot to use to type. Finally he made an appointment for me at the fix it bar or whatever they call it at the Apple store.  So I drove the 45 minutes down there to have the guy tell me, yeah, all Macbooks, including the  Airs have hot keyboards.  I wish I had known this before I bought it obviously.  He said I could try buying a cooling unit for underneath it, which by the way another employee there had previously told me when asked about the heat in general of the laptop said a cooling apparatus wasn’t necessary.

For now, I am using my old keyboard that plugs into the usb of the laptop and placed it on to of the laptop keyboard and it is working quite nicely. Unfortunately, I  now have to drag the keyboard along with me if I am going to be doing any writing in another location.

Let me know if you have had this problem and have come up with a different solution.