I smell the peanut butter’s thick scent.  It is in the cabinet waiting for me to open its jar and spread it over the hot toasted bread.  I can feel the Peanut Butter and Toastcrunch of the edges of toast between my teeth.  All I have to do is get up and throw the bread into the toaster and wait to hear the glorious popping sound that means it is ready.  Then I can quickly spread the peanut butter thinly over the hardened bread and watch it melt into every crack.  After it is done, I can bring it into the TV room to sit down with it on my lap while it rests on a plate.  I can then push it into my mouth and bite down to taste the sweetness of the blend of peanut butter and bread.  Once it is done, I must start all over again until I am so full that I am busting at the seams.

I have several addictions like this, but peanut butter and bread is my latest one.  I am trying to stop eating it.  I did remove it from my house once, but every night I would pine away for it.  It now has become so bad that I just purchased a special $250 toaster to fit the long specialty bread.

I definitely am gaining weight from it and must stop soon.  I keep asking myself the question, “Would you rather be thin and fit into your clothes or be fat and eat peanut butter?”  You know what has won so far.