If you’ve kept up with my previous posts on the Iphone, you’ll know that I was disappointed with it.  I ended up buying the Samsung Galaxy Note II and returning the Iphone 5.  I am extremely happy with it.  I don’t know what previous salespeople at AT&T and others were talking about when they cautioned me away from it.  The thing I keep hearing from people now is, “Oh I have all Apple products and they go together.”  What does that really mean? The person doesn’t want to explore new and exciting things that have been made since years ago when the Iphone first got its start?  New cell phones and new pads are coming out every day.  I think it’s about time to try your options.

I have a Mac and an Ipad, both of which I love and are fairly new.  But that didn’t stop me from trying the Samsung.  It is great and really fun.  The screen is so large that you can actually read what is on the browser.  There are many different browsers that you can make the default one, so that you don’t always have to use Safari.  The same goes for the email application.

Yes, I did have to download an application on the Mac called Kies from Samsung that is similar to Itunes. Don’t sit there on your behinds and say “A ha!”  Aren’t you sick of Itunes by now?  Don’t you want to find new things and explore new digital worlds that are out there??  If not, just stay with the old new Iphone 5 that doesn’t really give you anything new for your money.

Another thing that people are afraid of is the size, which is the very thing that drove me to it.  They don’t want to be “seen” by others as carrying around or putting something large up to their ears.  I personally think the Ipad mini should have been the Iphone 5.   Put a phone with that Ipad, why not? People wanted a camera in the full size Ipad, even though it looks silly to try and take a picture with it.

I remember when the Ipad first came out, people said, “what can I do with that?  I don’t want to type on a piece of glass.”  Remember those people?

Another thing I was cautioned against was the talking applications.  I am doing just fine with them.  I can talk to Google right from my front page of the phone and it understands what I say.  I downloaded an “assistant” that talks to me and tells me the news of the day, my horoscope, will read out any texts that come in, and can respond.

So if you are looking for a smart phone, I highly recommend this one.  Don’t be afraid of the size.