I know that sometimes the world seems to be crashing in around us, people are killing each other over a movie, movie screenings are bringing out killers and a lot of people don’t even have enough money right now to buy a nail clipper. But (and you just knew that was coming) my fingernails are driving me crazy. They have always been the kind that just hang around and I really never noticed them until they broke on the side when you are least expecting it. You might be washing your hair and your hair goes through the side of your nail as you are washing it and ewww that horrible yuck feeling hits. Or putting on stockings or socks and it will just rub your nail the wrong way.

Someone I knew had nice nails with polish of different colors every time I saw her. She said it was called Gell or Jell and told me the name of the place to go to get this done. Apparently it was supposed to last two weeks before you needed to go back again. Before you knew it, I was in deep. This was $25-$40 every two weeks, depending on where I went. I loved it at first. My nails looked good and grew to where they all looked about the same size and weren’t cracking, peeling or making me crazy. I did try three different places to see if it looked better somewhere else, but I found that for the most part it looked about the same. Unfortunately after a few months of doing this every two weeks, beside the cost, my nails started cracking again. Right in the center of the nail. They were starting to get worse than before I started and once I took all the gell stuff off, my nails were horrible. They are all white in the middle, cracking and curling.

I bought some stuff at the drugstore that helps your nails and it did get somewhat better, but I keep seeing women with really nice nails and feeling jealous. I’m thinking now of getting acrylic nails put on even though I know it is probably even more expensive and worse for my nails. Any advice from out there? I need some help.



Had them done, I really like it.  But …  I can’t get my necklaces on.  Oh well, can’t have everything, my nails no longer hurt from breaking and peeling.