Welcome to our first show of This Week With Kate.

In this episode I talk about my love for the website where shoppers can often find great bargains on designer clothing, and much more. Rue La La features daily special pricing on a wide variety of products. But the items offered through Rue La La are usually from manufacturers and suppliers of "high quality" goods.  So, if you're looking for quality items from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, etc., Rue La La is probably for you. 

Rue La La requires a FREE membership in order to see their special daily offers.  After you join, you can invite your friend and family to join.  And, if they sign up, you will receive a $10 Rue La La credit when they make their first purchase.  Although Rue La La, in the past, often took a day or two (or more) to join .. it's pretty much instantaneous now.  You can visit their site, sign up .. and get access today.  Simply visit their site and join.

Everyday, at 11am (almost on the dot), you'll receive an email from Rue La La.  The email will announce the daily specials.  And, .. don't wait!  Because there are only a certain number of items available or in various sizes, etc.  So, if you want to buy something .. you need to grab it quickly.  You'd by suprised at how fast things actually sell out.  Even if you add it to your shopping cart and then continue to look around on the Rue La La website, it's possible that the item (size, color, etc.) that you added to your cart, might not be available when you actually go to check out.  It's like someone can almost stick their hand in your cart and pull it out and steal it from you before you had a chance to buy it.

It's a fun site.  Most items seem to be an excellent value.

But it's important that you shop around before you buy.  Sometimes the deals are really great and sometimes they aren't.  So like with anything, be careful.

Rue La La also offers a 30 day return policy on most items.  Personally, I think a return policy is important.  Some other sites don't offer this or their return policy isn't as good or is much shorter. Some of their items do not include the return policy, so you'll have to look before you buy.

In the episode, I also talk about some of my personal experience in dealing with Rue La La, which was excellent. 

Overall, Rue La La gets our 5 star rating.

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