Kate and Mark discuss the recent singing and musical adaptation of Grey's Anatomy.  Mark wanted to simply shoot himself over the episode.  We also talked about Apple and the iPad and a new app by Comcast / XFinity and then talked about how much Kate loves Twitter. Plus, Kate's rant about local townships using Google Maps to spy on residents in order to catch offenders who put in swimming pools and didn't pay for a permit, among other things as well.  Mark said .. he thought the idea was fine and that townships should be able to do this. 

I really basically hated the singing episode of Grey's, but I did appreciate finding out the fact that they used songs that had previously been played on past episodes, but of course unless you researched it – who would know this?  Mark thought it didn't matter at all.  I really felt that if Cally had been the only one singing throughout, it wouldn't have been as goofy as it turned out to be.  Having her surgeon singing while operating on her just felt wrong.  Mark brought up the idea of having the ER show docs singing in an episode and how nuts that would have been.  I really like Lexie's singing voice the best, even though they all were very good singers.  It is amazing that she hasn't sung professionally before.  The worst was when the main couples were having intimate moments and they started singing.  Mark really wanted to turn it off.  I think it will spoil the historic remembrance quality of the show.  Everyone will remember Grey's for this one thing.

I then discussed a new app I found for the IPad, which is from Comcast/Xfinitiy.  If you have Comcast for  a cable company, you can now play a lot of shows right on your IPad.  I did have to admit though, it took me a while to figure out how to do this.  We briefly touch on the new Amazon.com application called Cloud, where you get 5g of space to download your music to, so that you can play it anywhere, I'm not sure if I would ever have the need to use this.

We then talked about Twitter for a while.  I really like it.  It is fun to follow people to hear what they say, even if you don't like to Twitter yourself.  I follow comedians like Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman and Andy Borowitz.  I also love Roger Ebert.  I highly recommend trying it, especially since it is free and you have nothing to lose.


– Kate


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