Kate and Mark discuss – The Middle (Frankie is all caught up in the Royal Wedding), GLEE (new fabulous singer, Will starts to get back with Emma, Merdedes takes the spotlight), Brothers and Sisters (who's your daddy, will Brody come back), Borgias (will the Pope be killed or survive), and iPhone Game Apps. It's been an exciting week on TV.

Frankie on The Middle, who is the mother, is totally obsessed with this royal wedding.  She buys cups and plates with the Kate and Will's pictures and a new large screen tv.  She has to take the tv back eventually because they can't afford it, but she is willing to go through the pain of doing this to watch the entire wedding on this beautiful tv.  She ends up not being able to view it, but her husband pretends to tell her about it and she is content.  It shows, not only someone going crazy over another person's wedding in another country, but also how obsessed we can become over something, enough to end up in a screaming fit to our own family.  She feels she is viewing history in the making, which I guess is true to some extent.  But did she go this crazy over the Egyptians getting their leader out of the country?  It was a very good episode and the good news is that The Middle is going to be renewed for next year.

Glee's episode this past week was also very good.  The club was doing a benefit concert so that they could go somewhere.  A new singer tried out for this concert who was from another Glee club, but she was an excellent singer.  Only a few people ended up coming to this concert because this singer, who told them she could get all of her Twitter followers to come, never showed and neither did any of her people.  Their arch enemy, who is now at another school, sent people to the concert to boo.  But as usual everything came out okay in the end.  They focused on singers who don't get as much of a chance to show off in this epidode, which was a nice change of pace.

Brothers and Sisters, which I hope will be renewed, but is not sure of the outcome yet, has been having really good episodes.  The latest story line is with the mother of the family and her old boyfriend getting back together.  They seem really good together, but there was somewhat of a cliff hanger in that he suddenly left her.  The writers let us in on why by using one of her sons, who is an EMT.  He finds out the boyfriend's blood type and knows that he lied.  The story is leading to a different father for one of the  siblings, the eldest daughter.  The father might be this old boyfriend and that is why he left, he doesn't want to cause anyone heartache.  In the coming attractions, of course they show him coming back.  So we will see.  I can't predict, but I think it may depend on whether or not the series will get picked up for next year.

Borgias is a new series on Showtime and it deals with the pope.  This topic may not excite you, but it really looks like it will be good, based on two episodes.  It is very cuthroat, lots of killing and sleeping around.  Give it a try if you have Showtime.

We also talked about some games for the IPad, IPhone, etc.  One is Angry Birds and one is Words With Friends.  I like them both, but didn't pay for Angry Birds and the free version doesn't let you do too much.  Words With Friends is like Scrabble and the game will find you a partner if you need it, or you can go through Facebook or Twitter.  The free version has constant ads, but I liked the game so much that I paid $3 for it and I never pay for this stuff.

Have a good week and join us again!


– Kate

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