This week we mostly discussed TV shows and primarily  Grey’s Anatomy.  I was somewhat disappointed in this week’s episode, it seemed short and lacked fulfilling content.  We also talked about how weglee missed the old characters in Glee and wanted them back.  Homeland keeps  us both interested and on the edge of our seats.

Mark learned that Facebook is charging for posts, which was news to me and very distressing.  He told me about Google+ hangouts and how they were really good and like Skype for more than one person, only free.

Listen to the podcast this week and let me know if you like it!



Here are two articles that discuss the Facebook controversy.  The first one says that they are charging for access is a hoax.  The second is saying that what Mark brought up about Promoted Posts for $7 is correct.  If you want your post to stay near the top of your friend feed, you could pay the money, but you don’t have to pay money if you don’t want to.  Here are the links for further information:


Promoted Posts