This week we had a wide variety of topics.  First up was my rant of the week, toilet paper rolls in public bathrooms.  I realize I shouldn't complain too much about this, because if you even have toilet paper, you should count yourself lucky.  But when you go into the stall and check to see that it is there, you should also make sure that you can actually get the paper off of the roll before you start your business.  Many times of late, I seem to get a beginner roll.  The place where the paper starts to flow off of the roll is stuck and it sometimes is so frustrating to get this started, I go into another stall or bathroom.  We also talked about people that drip onto the seat and don't wipe it off, which seems very rude to me.  Additionally, I told Mark that he should rip off a small piece of it and throw it in the toilet so that he starts with a fresh part every time.  Paper towel roles also came up and Mark reminisced about the old cloth ones that went around and around and you had to wipe your hands on what ended up being black with dirt.

Next we moved onto British women singers I've heard.  A very narrow topic and we only talked about two, Adele and Regina Spektor (Far).  Mark found clips of their songs and convinced me that Adele did sing better than Regina in most aspects.  I didn't like Adele's scratchy voice (only at times) and  her cocky pronunciation of certain words got on my nerves.  But Mark talked about Regina having a thinner voice, which he doesn't really like.  Also we found that the website for NPR had the entire Adele 21 (her new album) available to listen to.  I'm sure they have others also, which is really nice if you want to hear something in full before you buy it.  Mark also talked about the male singer on Glee, the one that was featured this past week trying to get a boyfriend.  His voice is really excellent.  We decided we would talk about the series Glee in our next show.

Then we moved on to movies and I talked about the Swedish movie trilogy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.  I tried to read the first book, but thought it was too detailed (and I am a reader).  But I highly recommend the trilogy from Sweden with English subtitles.  You start to forget that there are subtitles soon after the start of the movie.  The cast is great and it is a complicated intrigue movie.  For those of you with Netflix, all three are available to be streamed to your computer.

We couldn't finish our week out without a mention of Egypt.  It was truly amazing and inspiring to watch these people with a mostly peaceful process overthrow a dictator of thirty years in just 18 days.  I didn't realize how emotional I would get watching them cheering at the end and stopping their cars to get out and hug each other.  I hope that their new government is what they hope for and will bring them freedom and peace.

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