Kate and Mark talk about Grey's Anatomy (TV SHOW), titled "This is how we do it." from March 24, 2011 (episode 17).  We put a poll up asking "Should "Grey's Anatomy" TV Show include a gay (men) storyline relationship?"  The chief's wife is diagnosed with Alzheimer's but misses the ability to enter the trial by one point on her test.  Cristina may be out of the race for chief resident.  And, at the very end of the show, … could Callie and Arizona be dead?  We'll have to wait till next week to find out.

I decided to try an experiment this week.  We tried watching Grey's as we were doing the show.  We started the show, then paused and then came back to talk about the beginning.  We found out this proved too difficult – stopping and starting, so we finished watching the rest of the show and then talked about the rest.  We both liked the show, but I was very disturbed at the Alzheimer's story line.  It really hit home with the Chief's wife finally realizing by the end that she did indeed have it and it would continue to get worse.  Mark, however, disagreed and did not get as emotionally tied up in the story, but I think he was just misinterpreting it.  What do you think?

Poll from last week was:

Should "Grey's Anatomy" TV Show include a gay (men) storyline relationship?  The result was 50/50 with a one vote lead answering no.