I had this sudden sadness settle over me this past Friday.  It was the Iphone itch.  I’m not talking about having to scratch yourself with your Iphone.  I mean wanting the new one every time they come out.  For months leading up to the actual release date of this new shining product, everywhere you look there is a mention of it.  Not only in tech journals, but lots of regular blogs, the New York Times, even ABC News will have whispers about it.  “Did you hear, do you know, can you believe it?” they all cry out.  It seems to happen every 6 months or sooner now.  As soon as you get a new Apple product, but most especially with the Iphone, they are touting the new one coming down the road.

My problem is AT & T at the present time.  They make you get a 2 year contract every time you buy a phone, which would be fine, since I haven’t wanted to switch carriers.  But they give you a $250 discount off of the Iphone price that is charged by Apple, which is high enough with the discount.  I waited from the 3Gs model to get the 4s model, suffering through the model 4 depression.  And now I have to deal with wanting the Iphone 5.  I now have to wait until May.  I mean it would be stupid to pay the extra $250, right?  (right?)  I guess in the long run it is like anything else, it could be a diamond ring that I want but can’t get.  Sucks.


Update:  You know I bought it.  Unfortunately it isn’t coming until Oct. 10.  At least I sold the old one for $400, if the new one comes in time.