Kate and Mark – TV TALK, discuss a few of their favorite shows, plus Kate is trying to learn Spanish. The Middle television show is one of the best programs we’ve recently found.  It’s down to earth and most people can probably relate to the characters.  We also talked about Blue Bloods, which is a cop show, with a family dynamic that makes it truly enjoyable to watch. Christian Slater recently launched a new show called Breaking In, that we both felt wasn’t worth watching.  We love Christian Slater, but the writing and format of this show is simply not worthy of our time.  Maybe you will like it. And please take our poll for the week and let us know what you think.

Yes, it is true.  I am trying to learn the Spanish language.  I don’t know why.  I had the normal Spanish in high school many moons ago.  But for the past couple of years, I thought that learning Spanish might be fun.  This would be my hobby, like knitting or fishing.  Instead, I am trying to memorize new words in Spanish.  I have been at this for two or three months now, mostly using Rosetta Stone.  I borrowed the cds from a friend as they are very expensive to buy and I’m only doing this as a hobby.  The program is pretty good, but not excellent.  They usually give you four pictures and then tell you words in Spanish, nothing is said or written in English.  Then they start with sentences, etc.  It is pretty easy, although sometimes I have to look up the words in a Spanish-English dictionary to get it.  The biggest problem is, I still can’t really speak it.  I know people that speak Spanish, but I don’t really know enough to try and figure out what to say to someone, which is what I want to do.  I did borrow a book and some tapes from the library.  Even though the book was an easy book for children, I had to look up most of the words, it was really hard.  I’m thinking about taking a class somewhere if I can find one that isn’t too hard.

The Middle is a half hour comedy tv show on ABC that is from middle America and middle-class people.  It rings very true for us and the writing is very funny.  The cast is excellent and the star is Patricia Heaton, as the mother, Frankie.  You will remember her from various other places, the best is Everybody Loves Raymond, where she played Ray’s wife.  I like her character more in this role, since she seems less of a nag toward her husband.  Maybe she does it somewhat, but this guy doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything.  He is very laid back and takes things as they come.  They have three kids and all of their characters are all true to life.  Even though I enjoy all of them, the youngest son is really a standout.  He is supposed to be very bright and all he enjoys is reading a book.  The books he reads are way above him and probably most normal adults.  He has an unusual habit of putting his head down and whispering to himself at the end of sentences as though talking to someone that no one else can see.  I definitely love this show and if you have never seen it, I would tell you to look for it and watch an episode.

Bluebloods is another show that we both like.  It is an hour long cop drama on CBS that stresses that family comes first.  It stars Tom Selleck and normally I should  not even have to say anything more, but I will.  He is the police commissioner of the NYPD.  Most of the people in the family, which consist of Tom Selleck as Frank, his father, former cop, two sons, both which are cops and a daughter who is an assistant district attorney.  They also have various wives and children and they have a family dinner once a week where they all sit around the dining room table.  This could be too sentimental, but it really isn’t.  The only problem is that it make me hungry every time I watch it.  Donnie  Wahlberg plays one of the cops, a detective, and he usually has most of the episode as he solves whatever crime that week brings.  It took me a couple of episodes to actually start getting into the series, but now I really like it.

The one new show that we both really didn’t like is called Breaking In, a comedy starring Christian Slater.  I love him, but the writing in the show is horrible, it just isn’t funny.  It is mostly about computer security, which doesn’t really seem like a funny topic to begin with.  It is mostly all one line jokes and sound effects.  Try watching and see if you agree.

– Kate

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