Kate and Mark discuss – how Glee brought back Kurt! We're happy he is back. Quinn should win Prom Queen even though she was an ugly duckling in her younger days and Emma comes out of the closet with her OCD. Brothers and Sisters had an exciting episode this week with Scotty and Kevin finally getting their baby back. But how will this effect Olivia is the question. Brody is Sarah's dad after all. How or will this effect her?  We'll have to wait and see.  And the Royal Wedding.  $20 Million Dollars (paid for by the citizens of England), and we've heard they aren't happy about it.

First up this week was Glee.  It was an extra long episode, which was nice.  The writers brought Kurt back to the original high school, which brings  him more into the center of action once again.  They accomplished this by getting the bully who is also gay, to promise to reform.  In the background, Santanta blackmails him to make sure he keeps his word.  She will tell the world he is gay if he doesn't keep his promise and also needs to become her beard and she his.  So they are now a couple, even though both are gay.  It is a shame, although realistic that they have to go through this pretense.  The old high school chorus gave Kurt a nice sendoff and the new chorus with his old friends gave him a warm welcome.  The show featured him singing quite a bit in this episode.  The other main focus was on having the main kids telling what they feel is their worst feature and putting it in black on a white t-shirt and then having a song about it.  I could have lived without this part.  Rachel wanted to get a nose job but they talked her of it.  I guess this is a good message to send to teens, but I doubt any of them would really follow it.  Even Emma the guidance counselor got into the act by talking about her OCD.  I sincerely doubt any high school guidance counselor would talk about their own personal problems to students.  We also saw it revealed to the high school that Quinn had been heavy-set and had a different nose and hair when she was younger, but it isn't going to stop her from becoming prom queen now.

Brothers and Sisters was good this week especially at the end of an emotionally charged episode, Scotty and Kevin are handed their child.  Olivia is looking on and saying, who is this?.  We find out that Brody is definitely Sarah's father, but she doesn't seem to care about this fact, at least right now.  Her mother and brother spent the episode running around trying to secretly get her DNA off of her brush to see it it matched with Brody.  We are supposed to believe that they get the results back that same day.  I guess this is TV Land.  All in all worth watching.

We commented on the Royal Wedding for the small amount that we watched of it.  The dress was understated and lovely.  I really like the effect of the lace and you could still see through to the bodice.  I was so happy that it wasn't strapless.  I think that all these strapless wedding gowns just make women have to constantly tug at the top of it and it is not becoming, especially on the day that all eyes are on you.  The wedding really looked beautiful, although I don't think it needed to be on every single channel.  I also think that England shouldn't make their tax payers pay for any of it.  

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