We talk about Grey’s Anatomy and the wedding between Callie and Arizona, plus the issues surrounding the run for chief resident with Christina, Jackson, Alex and even a new contender April. Derek and Meredith decide to adopt a baby, Callie’s mother is not accepting her lifestyle and out of wedlock baby, and more. Glee has an fun episode with Fondue for Two. April shows back up singing with her awesome voice and tries to tempt Will away from the Glee group and onward to Broadway.  Santana still won’t seem to come out of the closet for Brittany.  Sam comes clean with his current story about his father losing his job and now having to live in a motel. Everyone comes together for him, providing support and friendship. So, we’re curious, should Santana come out of the closet, yes or no.  Please submit your answer in our poll.

I started off this week’s podcast with some rants about what happened to me this past week.  My relatively new car got hit in the windshield by a large stone on the highway.  It was too big of a crack for someone to fill in, so my entire windshield had to be replaced.  I wanted to take it to the dealer, but my insurance company said the dealer wouldn’t accept their payment amount (too low).  So I had to use another company.  This company made it very easy for me by coming on a Saturday to my  house and fixing it in my driveway.   The only problem was the rain sensor.  This is a great thing because it senses the rain drops on the windshield and will adapt the wipers to the amount of rain.  Unfortunately this company used the same rain sensor from the old windshield and it didn’t work correctly.  They told me to go back to the dealer to have it fixed and send them the receipt.  Well, the receipt happened to be $370 and I don’t think they are going to end up paying for it after all.  This company is denying ever telling me that I was supposed to send them a receipt and they would pay for it and unfortunately I didn’t get it in writing.

I also talked about a nice wall clock that broke and we decided to get fixed.  I was surprised that anyone still fixed clocks, but they do.  Hopefully it will work when I get it back.

Grey’s was really good this week with Callile and Arizona’s wedding.  It really showed how relatives can get on your nerves and underneath your skin, especially during a wedding, or planning one.  Poor Callie had her mother not even want to hold her child because she wasn’t legally married when she had it.  Her father though came through for her and danced the father daughter dance with her during the wedding.  Arizona’s parents weren’t as bad, but still very annoying.  The chief resident’s job race was heating up as some who weren’t as much in the running started to get ahead, like April and Jackson.  Alex is becoming very annoying and is trying to act better than everyone else.  He also is getting Meredith very nervous by accusing her of tainting the outcome of the trial she is running.  Derek and Meredith marry by a judge in order to adopt one of the babies that Alex brought over from some other nation that needed surgery.  It seemed a bit quick to me, but maybe that is how it works, one day you just see this baby and decide to adopt her.  Teddie is really giving Christina a hard time and still won’t let her back on her surgery.  But Teddie did get a proposal by the doctor she was seeing – who was going to Germany.  Will she go?  I doubt it, unless she is leaving the show.

We talked about Glee’s situation with Santana and Brittany.  Santana is still afraid of coming out, which I can understand, but she is making Brittany crazy.  Sam came out as poor, a little too much on that story line for me.  April came back and pretended she wanted to take Will with her to Broadway, but he turned her down.  I wasn’t too thrilled with this week’s episode, kinda getting silly and sappy.  Maybe it has always been this way, but it seems to be getting more so.


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