Google Chrome Browser is great.

This week I talked about a bunch of different topics.  I first touched on why I love the Chrome browser and how it helps me keep organized.  It is just a simpler browser, although every once in a while you will get a website that won't be happy with it and you will have to open up Firefox or Internet Explorer.  But don't let this scare you away.  I think if you give it a chance you will really like it.  It does use most if not all of the add-ons that Firefox uses, for those of you that like your Firefox add-ons.  You can just type or "I am looking for news" in the address bar and it will either bring you to your website or it will bring you to Google and search for you.  I used to use Internet Explorer only, but it really turned me off as soon as they started with version 8.  The security settings were so high, I couldn't see some normal websites and if you turned them off, it kept warning you constantly.

My rant of the week was about my IPAD and Kindle.  I had a Kindle, which I really liked until part of it started cracking (my fault for dropping it  many times). I decided to buy the IPAD, since you can read any books iPad may not be available for reading books from Amazon. Kindle may be the way to go.from Amazon on it, just as well if not better, since I really like reading in the dark.  All you had to do was download the free Amazon app (which also works on a pc or mac computer).  All was going well until I read that Apple was not allowing Sony to put its own reading app for the Sony reader onto the IPAD.  Why are they doing this?  Because Apple wants more money and control.  🙁  It wants the books that you can buy from Sony or Amazon, etc.  to go through Itunes so that Apple can get their percentage on every book that you buy.  So at some point if Amazon doesn't want to do this and go along with Apple, then I will no longer be able to use my IPAD to read all of the books I purchased or want to purchase in the future.  Back to Kindle?  Or if all else fails, I can always read a paperback!

I also talked about Twitter and my experience with it.  I really didn't know what it was used for, so Mark explained to me what he used it for and I decided to try it.  I went to their website and signed up for a free account.  I started out following a bunch of news organizations, which is what you do, you follow people's stream of thought basically.  It was ok, but I couldn't figure out what I would be interested in.  You can send this information right to your phone, and I found an app for my Iphone right on Twitter's site that somewhat organized all of these streaming messages.  Then I decided to look up Wikileaks.  That website has been constantly in the news for allowing leaked secrets documents on their website and making them available to the public to view.  I thought they might have some interesting tweets (what you call the twitters).  It was somewhat interesting, but they had these tweets constantly and it was getting to be too much.  But here is the kicker.  They tweeted that the US government was sending a subpoena to Twitter to get a list of all of its subscribers for Wikileaks!!  Now I'm in trouble.  They said it wouldn't even help if you stopped "following" Wikileaks (took them off of your Tweet list).  It was too late.  Hopefully I'm not on my way to Washington (or Gitmo).

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