This entire week was basically a rant about things such as the Oscars, Cell Phones and the effects on our brain, and bad drivers who make me crazy.  First started off by discussing those idiot drivers who drive me crazy. I tried to explain to Mark (not very successfully) that when there are two left turning lanes at a light and you are in the one on the right, you will turn into the outermost lane with your left turn. But when there is a long line of cars in that lane, there are always cars that go in the lane to your left and need to really turn in that outermost lane also and end up cutting you off because they just didn't want to wait. Mark admits he does this all the time. Sigh.  Let us know if this bugs you!

We have two cats, Sylvester and Tweety.  Sylvester is the male, a very big, black and white cat.  Tweety is the female, a very small kitten of about a year, beige colored.  They are always making each other crazy, but it is nice to see them play (until it gets ugly).  Somehow I got Tweety pretty well trained to bring me back this small ball that she can fit in her teeth.  It is fun and we have a good time with it.  Unfortunately though, when I'm trying to work at my desk and actually get something done, she comes over and meeps.  This is her meow.  It sounds like meep, meep.  She wants me to throw the ball and play with her, and I feel guilty if I don't do it.  Another sigh.

I tried buying foundation on the internet and it really didn't work out too well.  Over the years I've tried a lot of things, most recently Bare Escentuals.  I decided to try something new and went on the website for Sephora and Nars and decided to try out the foudation for Nars.  They have these little bitty pictures of what the foundation colors look like and I was trying to hold up my hands to it to see if it would work.  Of course your hands are a different color than your face and each monitor color is different.  In the end it was too light a color and I had to send it back.  I packaged it all up in the original box, filled out all the paperwork and put it by the door.  Unfortunately that day was garbage day and I asked Mark to take out the garbage.  I forgot to take the box with me when I left the house and Mark thought it was part of the garbage and out it went.  What can you do?  I ended up going to Macy's and trying on colors of foundation that looked right and all is well with the world once more.

I highly recommended as a place to shop.  They have many things, like shoes, clothes, makeup, nail polish, just a lot of stuff.  They have good reviews of products on their site by people that have tried the things out like – but one thing that is fabulous is free shipping both ways.  Always.  And one time I had to send a pair of shoes back because their was a slight imperfection that bothered me and now I get free upgrades to second day air for life.  It seems like I order it one night and it is there by the next day.  Also their customer service is great.  They answer right away and are very helpful.

We finished up by discussing the Oscars.  It was on the night that we recorded the episode.  I just feel that it is so unneccessary to have all of these award shows and it is done just for publicity and marketing.  They want you to come away saying, oh I must go to see that movie, it won an Oscar.  I'm not sure though whether these actors really know who is going to win before they get there.  I watched a critic the morning before and he said this is who is going to win and he was correct.  I guess it could have been just a good guess?  Let us know what your thoughts are.  Did you watch the Oscars?  Do you care?



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