Mark prefers a PC as opposed to Apple computers. I have good and bad to say about both. But how do you decide what will be best for you? About a year ago, I decided to go Apple instead of the pc computer, which I've always used.  I'd been using an IPhone for a while and only heard good things about Apple.  I'd been having a hard time getting the kind of pc I wanted from Dell, it was constantly backordered, so I went over to the Apple store and bought a large heavy duty desktop to work with my 30 inch screen.   Everything works fine with it and I  never have to turn it off – well very rarely.  But there are things about it that irk me.  Like the Finder.  Since Mark doesn't use it, he thought I was having difficutly finding things with the Finder.  I had to explain that wasn't the problem.  I was still so used to the wonderful Windows Explorer ( not Internet Explorerer ).    It just was so much better.  I even ended up buying some software called Path Finder that I love to do everything I wish Finder would do.  Also I can't use my Quicken from Windows that has a calendar for bills with it.  I had to buy more software called Cross Over and then install Quicken for Windows over it.  It works in an odd way.  All in all if I had to buy another computer, I'm not sure which one I would go with, but I am leaning toward a Windows PC.

In addition we talk about the launch of the new iPad (IPad2) on the same day that Japan suffers one of the worst earthquake and tsunami events in recent history.  I was trying to figure out which would get more coverage, but Japan won out.  Of course by the next day people were in line at the Apple store.

Mark is always going on about his favorite movie actor of all time, Bruce Willis.  I finally found a new movie and got it for him; it is called Red.  I really liked it, but Mark wasn't happy with it.  I guess it was more of a farce or satire on the whole spy genre, but I really enjoyed it.  I think it should have liked it no matter what, since Brucy baby had the leading role.

All of here at This Week With Kate send our best wishes and hopes for the people of Japan in their time of need.

– Kate

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